Wednesday, 5 June 2013

YouTube Ladies.

I am hopelessly addicted to YouTube. Actually, also to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin' and my newest discovery, (possibly because it says tit in the title?)
I like nothing better than a free evening, a cup of coffee and a couple of hours of internet time. I do use Facebook, but 3 things irritate me enough to make me not want to check it: 1) Using Facebook like twitter and updating constantly throughout the day. 2) Candy Crush... I don't want to play, please stop inviting me! 3) Likes. I do it too, but we only 'Like' when we are too lazy to write a comment. You see the little red update signal... and it's a 'Like' ... so disappointing. 
Particularly, I love watching beauty/makeup videos. My mum does too. I think she would like her own channel! Here are my favorites, as requested by my lovely mum :-)

Fleur De Force
(A bit posh and likes skincare, so I love her)

Pink So Foxy
(Beauty DIYs, natural skin care... I'm not so in to her makeup)

Glam Life Guru
(Beautiful makeup and her fiance proposed to her on YouTube)

(Makeup artists from England, probably one of the most popular makeup channels on Youtube)

Lisa Eldridge
(The best makeup artist)

Vivianna does Makeup 
(She's good at buying stuff)

Lily Pebbles
(Very cool Londoner)

Charlotte Tilbury
(Very posh accent and uses the words 'gorgeous, luxurious and fantastic' a lot)