Monday, 2 June 2014

First sunny weekend in Vancouver!

On Friday, we took the Seabus to North Vancouver to do our grocery shopping. Basically, downtown grocery stores are... crap. Overpriced and understocked. IGA on Burrard Street must be the unfriendliest grocery I've ever been to. I feel myself apologizing when I get to the till because they look so utterly pissed off that you chose their till. Nesters is alright, much friendlier, but their vegetable/fruit selection is pretty limited. Safeway is a billion miles away, so forget that! Anyway, off to the North Shore we went. 
Of course, eating was involved. We were craving indian food, so we went to Vaades on 3rd street. They offer brown rice and vegan options, so that always makes me happy. 
First things first... Papadums! 

Obligatory G&T.

Walking back to the Seabus, we stumbled upon this green sofa. I think it's beautiful and I don't understand why anyone would have thrown it out. I would have liked to have taken it home, but I'm pretty sure you can't take sofas on the Seabus!

On Saturday, my mum and I went back to Lisa's bridal in New Westminster, where I tried on a wedding dress for the second time, and ended up buying it! I absolutely love it. It was the first dress I saw, and I knew it was the one. When we walked into the store, another girl was trying it on. I won't lie... a wave of pure bridezilla aggression came over me. She cried, her mum cried, everyone cried. "It's the one!" she exclaimed. Meanwhile, I'm thinking "Take off my dress and get out of the store". On the positive side, it proved to me that it was definitely the dress for me. I have a little sneak peek. 

After, Jose and I went on a picnic with some friends to Trout Lake. I had no idea this place existed! Especially so close to Commercial Drive, which although I love, doesn't exactly scream 'nature'. I have a lot of pictures of Max, the dog, who I love and want to take home with me. 

Pink ginger ale! 

In the evening, we went to Maria's flamenco show at the Vancouver Playhouse. It was Swan Lake a la flamenco! I wasn't sure what to expect, but it's amazing what dancing can portray. I shouldn't have taken pictures, but the lady with the torch didn't catch me, so in my books I'm innocent! I've since had a massive urge to go to Barcelona, eat tapas, drink wine and learn to play the spanish guitar. 

Such a balmy evening. I love this weather. 

We had a mini celebration after at Moxies. We drank 007, which is a sort of  'refined' mojito, without getting  all that mint stuck in your teeth. 
Maria, your show was lovely and you were by far the best dancer there :-)

We went for a nice walk on Sunday, across the Burrard Street bridge and along the seawall in Kitsilano. When it's sunny in Vancouver, it is the most beautiful place in the whole world. 

I wore a backpack.

These steps are so intriguing. I think the Secret Garden is on the other side. 

Look at this Vancouverite!

On our way up to West 4th avenue, there is the most beautiful little house, with a bench outside dedicated to the lady that lived there... I think the plaque can explain it. 

Sunday evening ended with Japanese Food! Again we love it here, although you have to be in a quality over quantity mood. Almost everything is gluten, dairy and GMO free and lots of vegetarian options. We had yam rolls, avocado rolls, sashimi salad and gyozas.