Sunday, 25 May 2014

A few Sundays ago - Adonia Tea House

On this particular Sunday, I had a huge urge in morning to go to Bean Brothers on 41st street in Kerrisdale. I wanted to wake José up to tell him about it, but I thought he might not have shared the same enthusiasm as me at 2 o'clock in the morning! We did end up going, and I did get my coffee. Unfortunately the only picture I have is of the dregs, or possibly a Rorschach Test?

We also stopped for lunch at a tea house called Adonia. It's like stepping back into the Victorian times, with 150 different teas to choose from. Mozart Piano concerto No. 18 in the B-flat was playing in the background (I Shazamed it) and the wallpaper was as English as it gets. 

We ordered the Mini Afternoon Tea, which included ham & cucumber sandwiches, and mini cakes on a tier cake stand; scones with jam and cream, and then your choice of tea. 

The tea menu is actually overwhelming, but as always I ordered according to the name. Typically, I chose a black tea called China Rose (Anything 'Rose' and I'm in) and Jose orderd 'Midnight in Paris' - I'm pretty sure he just liked the name too! 

The whole lunch was really... splendid! I know that's a bit hoity-toity, but it really was. I felt transported back to high tea on the Titanic.