Friday, 28 June 2013

Tacos and Wine.

It's Taco Time! Not the cheap, food-court variety, but the new taco restaurant 'La Casita Tacos' on Robson Street. It's little sister to 'La Casita' in Gastown, but they focus solely on tacos.
We went on Friday night with our two friends Andrew and Akira, a fellow Mexicana/Canadian couple. We each ordered 4 tacos for $10, which for Vancouver standards is pretty reasonable. Although, it is laughable to imagine paying almost 100 pesos for 4 tacos in Mexico.
I also ordered Sopa Azteca (Aztec Soup), a favorite of mine; however, it didn't have quite the same taste as in Mexico. We then ordered a round of beers and tucked in.

They have a stand inside with unlimited salsas and limes, which in our minds, kind of sets this place apart. Jose gets really irritated when he asks for limes at restaurants, and they bring him one little wedge. He fully took advantage here and had a plate full.
Overall, we all thought they were the best tacos we have tried so far.

On Saturday, we did a little shopping - I went into Forever 21, which I have a total love/hate relationship with, and ended picking up a few things.

In the evening, lovely Nanette graced us with her presence. As usual, she arrived at our place looking beautiful, in a new dress from Aritzia that I might have to steal one day.

We sat on the balcony, and had a few glasses of wine. We then decided to go for a drink at Uva, a bar on Seymour Street. It's a lovely little place for drinking wine in nice big chairs... well in glasses but sitting in chairs ;-)

Ok, enough of this, lets go.