Thursday, 29 May 2014

Eyeliner tutorial at Beauty Mark

I invited mum to come along with me to a free make-up tutorial at Beauty Mark, a beauty store in Yaletown. It was the first time that they had held an event like this, and they did a really good job of it. They served free wine as you entered, and then we were able to just walk around and browse for a bit. 

Eyebrow room! Every girl needs one of these. 

Exercise in a box... who knew!

Saxx. Enough said. 

Sneak peak of the loos and its supplies. 

Next, one of the makeup artists showed us the three simple steps to create the perfect cat eye using the Geisha Ink liquid liner.  It is one of their top-selling products. 

1. Make your mark, so you know where you want your flick to end up. 
2. Draw and fill in a small triangle to create a pointed wing.  
3. Draw the line to the inner part of your eye, making sure the liner becomes thinner the closer to the eye it gets. 

I bought the eyeliner, so I'll keep practicing! I also picked up a beauty blender, so I'll test that as well!

They have their next event on Wednesday the 18th of June, where they are going to demonstrate a smokey eye look.