Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Date night at Chambar.

José and I have always had date night on the 15th of each month. It is the day we consider to be the first day we became boyfriend and girlfriend. In September, José made a surprise reservation at a restaurant in Vancouver called Chambar. 

I had heard lots of lovely things about the food, and so I put on my new red dress and we headed off to Beatty street. 

The decor of Chambar is just beautiful. Lots of warm colours, fancy lights, brickwork and leather sofas.

 The food was so hearty and falvorful. I had the Tajine d’aziz à l’agneau, which is braised lamb shank with honey, figs, cinnamon & cilantro, served with cous cous and zalouk. The little pieces of fig make the dish a little bit sweet, but it definitely has quite a spicy kick to it. The picture really isn´t capturing the dish. The restaurant is so dark it is impossible to photos without a flash.

For dessert, inspired by all things European at this point, I got the Café Brulé, which always makes me think of the movie, Amélie. 
Chambar is a little pricey, but for a special occasion, well worth the price. 
A Vancouver gem. 

Nero Waffles

Waffles, waffles, waffles...
Okay, a waffle place on Robson street ... Nero Belgian Waffle Bar. It is a tiny place, barely noticeable, except for the line of people waiting for a seat. Now, I really haven't tried enough waffles in my years to really say these are the best... but, they are amazingly good. 
We went on a snuggly Sunday morning and ordered waffles and coffee. 

They have two types, Liege or the Brussels waffle (I think that's the right name). I ordered one of their more simple combinations, Nutella + banana and an Americano.

 I think I possibly closed my eyes the whole time as it was one of those 10 minutes of 'I have to savour every single bit of this'. Having a little dish of chocolate spread is total heaven.

 They have other more elaborate toppings... ice cream, cream, coffee, caramel, fruit... although I personally think the simpler, the better. 

Jose even ordered sneaky seconds to go!

It is a bit of a naughty treat, but you have to be naughty sometimes, right? Sorry... I don't mean to waffle on ... ha ha ha