Monday, 27 May 2013

The other side of the gym.

Back in February, post Christmas season (this season seems to stretch longer every year), Jose and I decided to kick ourselves into action and join the gym. I kind of knew what this entailed. Me, going for about three weeks, and then maybe once a month after that. However, after being persuaded by some lycra-clad ladies, I ended up buying 12 personal training sessions.

My trainer Kelsey, was very in shape, and I on the other hand, felt like a little round ball. First off, we had a chat about my goals, or lack thereof actually. "I want to lose weight and tone up." I'm sure these trainers would be millionaires if they got a dollar every time a woman said that. Anyways, we began.

I have to say after the first week, I could barely get myself out of bed, I just waved my hands around and whimpered.

Now, 24 sessions later, I am a converted iron pumper. Actually that's exaggerating a little, but I now understand why people say that the best way to 'tone up' is by lifting weights, not using the elliptical machine. It has actually taught me a lot about working out, I even own a pair of those little gloves that weight lifting people use.

I personally enjoy arms day much more than legs day, which has actually surprised me. I can only do 10 pushups comfortably, but considering my first failed pushup on day one, I'm pleased with my 10. I can really see a big difference in my arms, and my legs are slowing starting to change. We do a lot of functional exercises using quite heavy weights, for example, squats, dead-lifts, lunges, pushups, pull-ups, bench presses and some plyometrics.

I've realized that you have to work really hard to see results; fast walking on the treadmill isn't going to give you results. I would totally recommend Kelsey, she works at the Yaletown location if anyone is interested.

After I go to the gym, Kelsey told me about a smoothie/vitamin store called 'Body Energy Club. They have such good smoothies, my favourite is the 'Organic Chocolate Monkey' + Vega Sport protein powder, or the 'Bananarama'. They have a new location now on Robson and Homer Street. Definitely try one. 

Some really good fitness youtube channels that I love watching. 

The Lean Machines (two English guys with nice accents... is it weird that I say that??)
Lean Secrets (Really to the point, very interesting and has an inspirational b-hind)
The Daily Hitt (Formally BodyRockers. Mildly pornographic.. but lots of interesting work outs you can do at home)
Tone it up (You will just wish you could be one of them, I find the exercises a bit plank-y)
Flavilicious (A bit hardcore, and currently she is pregnant)
Zuzka Light (Really really hardcore, I feel like I get a workout just watching)
Melissa Bender At Home workouts.

This is a really good video for your backside. 
34 Best Butt Exercises . 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Brunch at the Flying Pig.

Rather than going out for dinner this weekend, we did brunch. We had our minds set on Gastown, and ended up choosing a new place called 'The Flying Pig'. 

I don't entirely get the name... but the location is nice and it is quite a big space. I remember going there about two years ago, when it used to be a Mexican Restaurant. Funnily enough, she sat us in exactly the same table as I did two years before. Also, funnily enough... or I guess not so funny, the restaurant had exactly the same smell. The service was alright, a very chirpy server and a not so chirpy host. 

First off, they served us a piece of banana bread, and free I might add! It was bloody lovely! Harder than traditional 'moist' banana bread... I hate that word, but for want of a better one I´ll go with moist! One couple sat next to us, and she actually refused the banana bread because they were both 'Gluten free' which I could kind of tell from her hairstyle. Apparently I rolled my eyes quite blatantly. 

Under the menu title 'Brekkie' I ordered the salmon benny, and with that a very small cup of coffee. Jose ordered 'Chef Erik’s Croque Madame' which does't really sound like a dish to me, but it was really tasty. 

The website - The Flying Pig

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Vancouver International Tequila Expo.

Last night, we went to the Vancouver International Tequila Expo. Jose was given some tickets at work, which was great because it's the kind of event we would never normally go to. 
It was held at the Hyatt Hotel, on Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver.
First off, I was completely absorbed by the white BMW they had sitting by the entrance... rather than enjoying the thought of cruising through downtown, I started to feel quite concerned as to how I would park it in the lot under my building... needless to say it hasn't been and will probably never be an issue!

It would be a tricky parker!
 First, I tried the Don Julio 1942... which I expected to be like a "Oh wow this is what good tequila tastes like" but... it was more "quickly swallow so it doesn't burn so badly". 

Next, oysters from The Joe Forte's table.


A place to sit.

If you have ever been to my apartment, you know seating is limited. 
I found these velvety, plush purple chairs at Homesense. 
It makes sense to put them in my home. 

Vancouver. Me.

After almost 9 years in Vancouver, I have come to love this city. I actually think Vancouver is more of a really big town than a city, with the main areas that everyone knows. Whether you find yourself in Yaletown, wishing you had actually studied something useful so that you could afford to live in one of the old trendy brick buildings; or in Kitsilano, wishing you had persevered with your yoga classes, I think Vancouver has something for everyone.... except affordable housing. 
I am English, but more Vancouver-ite; I like sharing what I do and I hope you like reading this blog. 

A beginning.

Everything and anything from Vancouver. All from the 10th floor. 
Nice to meet you.