Monday, 17 June 2013

Gordon Bennett the woman can see!!

After much denial, kicking and screaming... I had an eye test today. I have become very aware that I spend a large portion of my day squinting, and trying to manually focus... I'm like an old camera. 

I went to LensCrafters Optique in the Village at Park Royal in West Vancouver; they are fantastic in there. I had my eye appointment with Dr. H. Sian, who is so friendly and really listens to you. 

The optician, who was so friendly and chatty, then helped me to pick my new glasses. She asked me very thought-provoking questions like... "Do you want to blend in?" or "Do you want to wear glasses that say something about you?" This encouraged me to make a braver choice, so I went with some tortoise shell Ray Bans. Whoever Ray is, I love you. Also, they have a 40% off sale on frames until this Thursday if your're interested!

When I put them on, the room felt like this... 

Also, after that I went into the grocery store to get a snack and some bus money, when I came across this hair conditioner on sale for $3.97.... I don't know what it was doing next to the snacks ;-)
At the till it scanned at the wrong price, so I ended up getting it for free, score!