Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fresh Market, jazzies and brekkie.

Fresh Market is a new grocery store in West Vancouver, and I have fallen in love with it. I do have a bit of a thing for nice grocery stores. After having worked in three (Safeway, Capers and Thrifty's) I am picky about where we shop.

I love their bulk sections. Especially the coffee area where you can choose your beans and then use the grinder machine, the smell is amazing. They also have a peanut section where you can make your own fresh peanut butter. 

Once upon a time, I worked at Safeway (possibly my least enjoyable job) and I was a 'service clerk'. This is another way of saying 'glorified skivvy'. I packed bags, emptied rubbish bins and pulled all of the carts in... wind, rain or shine... or snow or hail. People can be very inconsiderate and lazy by leaving their carts in the spaces next to their car. It takes 30 seconds to put a cart back, and so I thought this sign is a nice way of reminding everyone.

I then spotted these little treasures. They were once called rainbows, but now they have been changed to jazzies. They were my favourite when I was little so when I saw them, I couldn't resist. 

For dinner we made fish tacos with tilapia. 

I then made brownies based on a recipe from my favourite blogger (The Londoner - 100 cal chocofudge brownies). Mine technically should be called 'Slightly more than 100 call brownies' as I used Greek yogurt, and I didn't have enough stevia so I used organic coconut sugar. They are absolutely the easiest brownies to make and they only take 15 minutes to cook.

A glass of wine is totally obligatory.

Sunday is Funday, so we had fun breakfast.