Sunday, 11 May 2014

Fort Langley

Everyone talks about how lovely Fort Langley is, yet we have never been there. Rachel and I were deciding what to do for Mother's Day / Mum's birthday, and knowing that mum loves it, we thought it might be a nice place to go. 

Luckily, the weather was beautiful - just a few clouds in the sky, but nice and warm. 
First of all, the drive out there is really nice. Some of the houses in and around Fort Langley are so beautiful. Old, but very well kept and pretty gardens; I could definitely see us living there. The feel of the town is really olde-worlde. We went into an antiques market, and I almost had a 'this is all too cute' heart attack. Think: tea cups, laces, mason jars and old books... and everything else antique-y. 

Jose and I went off on our own little jolt where I greedily ate a whole bag of 100s and 1000s and Jose' had a Bailey's ice cream. 
We went back to the Fort, but didn't actually make it in because we got there too late. We did; however, watch a very cheesy/informative video about the history of Fort Langley, which was surprisingly quite interesting. 
I definitely want to go back soon, as there is also a beautiful bridal store that looked rather wonderful!