Monday, 9 June 2014

Get em off!

José and I attended Pants of for Prostate cancer 2014 - Vancouver edition! We went with some of our friends Carla, Aurora, Marie, Sean, and Liana. The event was held at the Imperial on Main Street, which is like a private event facility. Inside, it's really elegant with statues of Chinese warriors! As the name suggests, you had to check in your pants, along with your coat at the entrance. It's a funny name, because in the UK, 'Pants off' would entail getting more than your hairy legs out! I wonder if any Brits got confused on the night haha. We had photos taken at the entrance, but I can't seem to find them anywhere on the internet, so I just have a few of my own pictures.

I hate knees. Does anyone else hate knees?

They had a free gourmet mac and cheese stand, a wax station, burlesque dancers and a $5 Kokanee beer station. One of my favourite parts of the night was the burlesque dancing. I had never seen it before, and couldn't believe how confident these girls are! I really admired their courage, I know I'd really struggle walk around in my knickers! The main girl's voice was also impressive! We drank Gin and Tonics, although the bartender gave me a Gin and Water at one point? It tasted horrible, but thought it might be good for rehydration! 

Spot the pale English legs!

I've always said, "Hmmm, No, I don't like Kokanee." However, it was really refreshing! Sorry Kokanee for judging you for so long!

Cheers to a good night!

They raised a lot of money for prostate cancer, which of course was the main reason for the event, I feel like a lot of people forgot about that and just got lost in the party, probably I did a bit too. Prostate cancer actually affects 1 in 7 men, which is quite a scary thought. Have a look at the website, it's interesting!