Friday, 5 July 2013

When in Campbell River.

My very good friend Nanette got a job in Campbell River, and relocated there about three months ago. As it was a long weekend, and Jose and I were in need of a downtown break, we hopped on the ferry and headed north.

We took the ferry from Tsawwassen on Friday night and from there drove about two hours up to Campbell River. I loved the roads up there, the speed limit goes up to 110km/hr which compared to most other countries is very standard, but for us lot up in Canada eh! it's nice to stretch out the engine!

Once we had arrived, we went for a walk along the beach (to stretch out out legs this time) and stopped by a wood carving festival, which sounds boring, but it was actually quite fascinating. We finished the evening off we a nice glass of wine and then collapsed into bed... well onto the floor for Jose.

On Saturday we had a lovely breakfast by the seafront, I think I love breakfasts more than dinner. Fresh coffee, beautiful fruit and eggs.

After that, we took the ferry to Quadra Island. We explored a little bit, and then went to a vineyard. It is small, family-run business called Southend Farm and Vineyard. The owner was really quirky and he was really enthusiastic to tell us about the wines and the story behind the business. You are able to try 6 different wines, all of which were really different from each other. We each bought a bottle of red under the 'Fun' category, which is served cold and has a slight fizz to it  - perfect for a summer evening. 


I am lucky to have such extremes in my life.

In the evening, Nanette very successfully made us a little fire on the beach. We, or should I say Nanette and Jose kept it going for some time. We managed to make some very indulgent Smores, although I think most of the marshmallows ended up on my jeans. Riz joined us a bit later, so we all sat on the logs on the beach, and watched our sad little fire die.

Crabs in Campbell River, the crustacean variety that is. 

After the beach, we checked out the local bowling alley - which felt more like a time machine back into the 70's. It turned out to be SO much fun. I got quite competitive and even pulled a muscle in the but-tocks (Forrest Gump accent). 

On Sunday, I was very helpful and stayed out of the way of the breakfast making... by laying in bed all morning. Riz made amazing us breakfast wraps, Jose whipped up some banana bread, Nanette made beautiful coffee and I.... plunged it :-)

After fueling, we went on a three hour hike (you can see that Nanette lead this weekend and not me). However, I loved it! It was so refreshing and I enjoy walking in the woods. I felt quite nervous when two different people told us to watch out as there was a bear up ahead. It is in situations like this, where you can take a girl out of England, but you can't take the England out of a girl... my heart was pounding. 
 We actually never ended up seeing it, but I wanted Jose to see one for the first time. We did see a little snake though - more than enough wildlife for me. 

Just as well we have Super Jose to help us out in tricky situations. 

Sadly we had to leave :(

So on the way back to the ferry, I started talking about how I felt like going to a pub, like the kind of pubs you get in Victoria... so we went to Victoria spontaneously!

I met up with Ellery, and we had a fantastic meal at Pagliacci's - definitely my favorite restaurant in Victoria. 

We then visited the Irish Times and had a beverage or two. 

The next morning, we had a rather indulgent breakfast at the Blue Fox Cafe. I have to say, Victoria exceeds at pubs and breakfast. 

A wagon Wheel in your mocha... disgustingly good. 

Such a lovely weekend. 

Jose and I now want to be islanders, the English and Mexican Islanders.... What do you think?