Sunday, 22 June 2014

The strawberry-less strawberry festival

There is a little farmer's market on Comox Street on Sunday mornings. It's very cute and a nice place to pick up some local veggies. It is quite small and runs just along Nelson Park. Also, you should probably go out and buy some Birkenstock and tie your hair up in a big messy bun before you go. 

There was a parrot and a pug... It was love at first sight. 

Boxes of peonies. 

After we popped into Greenhorn on Nicola Street. It's a coffee shop / café with a big red chandelier and lots of other nic nacs to look at while they make lovely coffee for you. I ordered an almond milk cappuccino and Jose ordered a Cortado. We also sneaked a waffle in as well.  

Next to Greenhorn is a store called Production Road that sells locally made things like bags, stationary and decorations. The prices are really affordable and they style is quite unique. I got quite excited when I found a box of temporary tattoos, particularly the gold ones. I just had to buy one. 

 Now, the real reason we were in the area was because I had been wanting to go to the strawberry festival. I had seen signs like this: 

Now, maybe I was wrong, but I pictured a summer festival and a lot of strawberries! I imagined crates of them being sold by the box... However, I didn't see one strawberry, not one! There was literally not a strawberry insight. They were selling some strawberry shortcake, but with so much cream I couldn't even see the strawberries. I know I'm being a little bit OTT about strawberries, but I was just really disappointed, José even wore a red shirt! There were some market stools selling some stuff, and a rather sad looking bouncy castle but that was it really. Maybe we missed something?

This was the best bit! A knitting club for seniors called Hookers!

I don't like to be negative, as the seniors seemed to be having a nice time and that was enough for me in the end. After, our friends who moved here from England, Rebecca and Matt, have just bought their first house here so we went over the official tour. It's a beautiful town house and they looked like very proud home owners!

I finally got my pear tart! Um, oh sorry I mean Rebecca and Matt ;-)