Saturday, 7 June 2014


Finch's is a tea and coffee house on West Pender Street. We've been a couple of times before, however, I can't really comment because every time we go it's closed. In all fairness, we've always gone on Sunday afternoon, so we should have noticed the pattern!
Today is Saturday, and it was open!
It was packed inside, and very warm, but the beautifulness more than makes up for it.
Iced-americanos, an avocado salad and a pear/prosciutto/pear baguette did us just fine, and the prices are so reasonable. Not sure about the slightly aggressive indie music, but if you can ignore that, it's a lovely little place for a lovely little lunch!

This hotel has nothing to do with Finch's, but it's close... and cute. 

I mainly took this picture because I liked her high-waisted shorts, bit creepy really. Me, not the shorts. 

Finch's organic coffee. 

I love a good pear...

This avocado salad was seriously good. In my opinion, that's a really generous serving of avocado for a $10 salad. Plus the bread! I actually only ate half of a half of the bread, as I am Trying (with a capital T) to avoid wheat/yeast. 

Seems like you have to unhinge your jaw just to get this in!

 What a horrible salad. 

Working on our wedding guest list! 

After, we went to Flight Centre for a little Honeymoon quote time. Highly exciting!!