Thursday, 19 June 2014

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We tried a new restaurant on Friday called GUU Garlic on Robson street, which is part of the GUU chain of Japanese restaurants. We were heading to that really busy and popular Ramen place that always has a line, but this place is basically next door and we were lured in by all the shouting inside. They say that this place is "all about making garlic sexy". I'm not sure I've ever thought of garlic as "sexy"?
Anyway, the food was interesting and different and it was exciting not knowing what to expect. My favourite thing is the shouting! If you have a headache, this place will be a living hell. The chefs and the servers shout everything! I just wish they had subtitles somewhere so we could know what they were saying!

Celebrating National Gin day with  Gin and Ginger ale.

 This was an eggplant dish that was very wobbly, this moving picture explains it better than me.

I didn't expect a whole egg! That's one thing I noticed in Japan... you can find an egg in almost anything! The yellow stuff is pumpkin.

I saw these poppies on the way home. They are to remember my granddad (Poppy). Miss you always xx

Next, we watched the England Vs Italy game at The Mexican, on Granville Street. We didn't fancy a rowdy Pub, so we thought we'd be safe there. Turns out a group of Italians had the same idea! Of course, it was disappointing to lose, but us Brits are used to that!

Pre-game smiles!

2 Tacos al pastor y 2 de rajas... always the same!

Gli Italiani

This was a tense moment...

I was inspired by a Lululemon post on Twitter to make an iced latte. This endeavour actually took about 2 hours. This turned out to be quite a sticky process! I used vanilla flavoured almond milk, ice coffee cubes and a bit of stevia. Nice though!


On Sunday, It was one of my first attempts at making bacon and sausages... shocking I know, but a good thing I suppose? For Father's Day we all helped make brunch. Rachel made  pancakes and Jose prepared all of the fruit. We had a nice family day and spent the rest of the day watching the football and looking at Rocky. I'm not much of a bacon and sausage kinda girl, but dad loves it!

And yes, I did pretend that one of the sausages was my willy.

Coffee flavoured yoghurt is so nice!

For dinner, José made enchiladas in green sauce, as requested by my dad. They were excellent and you should ask José to make them for you! 

Sunday night I cleaned my makeup brushes. This has to be one of my least favourite jobs... so tedious and makes my hands dry, yet it must be done. I also cleaned my Beauty Blender. I only bought this recently, but seriously this thing is amazing. It applies foundation so nicely, and is fun to use! I think I will never use a brush again! I use it with my Make up For ever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation. This foundation is very light-coloured, even for me! However, it is quite drying. I've been dealing with oily acne skin for ages now and someone at Sephora recommended this to me. I think it's actually too drying, or maybe I'm not oily enough. I'll use it up as I don't like wasting make up, even if I do look like a ghost that has been stuck in the desert for a few weeks!