Wednesday, 16 July 2014


A couple of weeks ago, mum and dad booked a holiday but had forgotten they had already bought tickets to see Queen and Adam Lambert. Mum offered me the tickets and as I knew that Jenny really wanted to go, I invited her.
We went to the stadium and had a couple of Gin and Tonics  and pile of cheesy nachos at a little bar close by before we went in. (a non-rowdy one of course). Jenny's my English sista from another mista. 

It was one of the first concerts I've been to which actually started on time! 8 o'clock on the dot! How English of them.

Just a bit excited!

Freddie Mercury popped up on the screen a few times. It was quite sad actually and it definitely brought a lump to my throat. 

Like everyone, we recognize Brian May by his hair, but until I saw him play live, I had know idea how talented he is. He's also just so ... cool. He doesn't try too hard, he's not sliding around on the floor or waving his guitar in the air. He's just really amazing at playing and it's entertaining. Also, Adam Lambert sings really well and I think he did a good job of kind of catching the Freddie vibe without just being a copy cat. Jenny and I really loved the concert and I am glad we got to go. Especially to be able to hear Bohemian Rhapsody live is something else!