Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Carnaval del Sol.

Last weekend we went to the Carnaval del Sol on Granville Street. Unfortunately, it rained a lot of the day, but it didn't bring anyone down! However, as it was 'The weekend we all shine together' it would have been nice if the sun could have shone! 
We made sure we were wearing red, green and white to represent México!

Dancing a lo Cubano. 

I can't remember who was selling these necklaces but they were so nice. I got a bit carried away with taking pictures of them. 

Zumba in the rain, now that's the spirit!

Los Mexicanos.

Argentina! Hotdog with chimichuri.

México! Tamales! 

Perfect for a rainy day. 

For dessert, we went Brazilian and had some brigadeiros. They had so many flavours to choose from but I chose dark chocolate and I think Jose got the traditional flavour... can't quite remember. 


Brave souls walking on Granville Street barefoot!

El Salvador.

The Latincouver team did a great job as always, thank you so much for organizing these events for everyone to enjoy and spreading the latin vibe!! We really appreciate it. 
¡Hasta el proximo!