Sunday, 6 July 2014

Italian Kitchen

Italian Kitchen is one of Glowbal Group locations. Others include Coast, Black & Blue and Glowbal. I walk past this restaurant twice a day, to and from work. Three years of eyeing up the food, and I've never been.

Jose and I were doing a little bit of honeymoon planning and it put us in a pasta mood. Technically, it was training. Training for the eating that will hopefully take place next year in Italy. We sat on the patio and I was immediately taken to Europe with the crisp white paper table cloths and the French bistro style chairs. 

Now that Happy Hour is permitted in Vancouver again, we enjoyed $5 glasses of red wine and we shared the Pasta Platter.

I don't generally wear Mexican themed traditional clothing, but we had been to the Latin Carnival just before.

 It cost $19.95 per person, which is excellent considering how much pasta you get - we couldn't finish everything.
It included truffled spaghetti & signature meatballs, penne pomodoro, linguine gamberi, and lamb pappardelle. The whole dish was absolutely stunning to look at and equally delicious to eat. The truffled spaghetti is particularly amazing and resulted in serious pasta face - eyes closed, slow chewing and deep nostril breathing. Our server, Natasha, was really lovely and chatty and we talked about her travels in Cinque Terre and Tuscany.

Total carnage by the end. 

We will definitely be going there again and we absolutely recommend the Pasta Platter.
Buon appetito!