Saturday, 30 November 2013

Best chicken in the world.

There is a new restaurant on Homer Street, called the Homer Street Cafe and Bar. 

It is a little taste of old-world Paris. We went, not really knowing what kind of food they served, but it looked cosy and French, so you can never go wrong with that. It is located in two really iconic buildings in Yaletown. The first thing you notice, is the smell - rotisserie chicken. Next, are the beautiful tiles that are very antique, and quite Art Deco, or so I think! 

We sat at a high table, where we had a great view of the bartenders at work. It has a very buzzy atmosphere; people savouring the chicken, sipping cocktails and chatting. 
First up, warm bread and oil, and some cocktails. Without doubt, I always end up ordering a manly looking drink and Jose, a girly one!


The star of the menu is the chicken, and then different sides. The menu is very local and fresh.

We ordered the half chicken, which came with gravy and coleslaw. I wish I had more pictures of the chicken, but once we started eating, I didn't think twice about my camera. We had a side of roasted peewee potatoes, brussel sprouts, crimini mushrooms and a salad. We both said, almost at the same time, that it is a little bit like fancy KFC... but about a trillion times better and healthier! 

I stole this picture from their website ( I hope they don't mind!)

Next up, and always the most anticipated part... dessert. Chocolate moose and cheese cake. 

My face says it all. 

 We shared a little espresso (little haha, like there would be any other description!) 

We left, stuffed like little pigs. I wish we could have wandered around the corner and bumped into the Eiffel Tower, but Granville Street will do.