Thursday, 22 May 2014

Flowers, Flowers and more flowers!

Here are a few pictures from the church where we are getting married next year. The church is in West Vancouver called St. Francis in the Wood.

Then, on Monday we went to Stanley Park to walk around the rhododendron garden. We also saw a lady and a gentleman duck having a nap together. I think he was looking out while she got her beauty sleep.

After, we headed home for a curry and to watch Sherlock... However, it was the worst... curry .... ever. I asked if they could make it cream/milk free as I shouldn't be eating dairy as part of the treatment for my skin. Possibly she understood - dairy, flavour, spicy free? It tasted like tasteless soap... with bits of rubbery chicken. Just as well I was too distracted by beautiful Benedict Cumberbatch to really care! Jose of course ordered perfectly cooked chicken tikka.