Friday, 29 November 2013

London 2.

I wanted to do some shopping on Oxford Street, mainly because I wanted to go to Selfridges. Oxford street has a lot of the flagship stores... but it gets so busy and it was only Thursday!

My main destination of the day, the Charlotte Tilbury stand at Selfridges. I have been fixated on buying 2 things from here since it opened a couple of months ago. She is an English makeup artist and does the most incredible looks. I love her collection, especially the Dolce Vita line. I bought the Penelope Pink lipstick and the Pillow Talk lipliner... for anyone that is interested in makeup... Holy..... shiitake mushroom.... heaven.
It is certainly not the cheapest makeup, but absolutely beautiful quality.

Jet lag eyes. I needed some cucumbers. 

If only all shopping malls looked like this. Rickety, sloped floors and creaky floorboards... I love it. 

 Overpriced paper.

I went to Carnaby street, where I accidentally stumbled upon the Benefit store.

I got talked into getting my hair done and an eyebrow wax, they must wait all day for suckers like me to walk in, but I enjoyed every second of it. 

Regent Street. 

Finished off the day with an Indian curry at the Bekash.