Friday, 29 November 2013


About two weeks ago, dad and I went to England for a week. We mainly went to see nan and granddad and catch up with friends and family. The only pictures I really took were the pictures from the 2 days in London. However, I have a couple of other stuff to share. 

Flying over Iceland.

Dad driving on the right side... feels weird now!

Fish and chips - I actually really don't like F&C's, so I scrape the cod out the batter. I look more forward to the pickled onion and gherkin. 

We went to a new shopping mall called Westfield, in Stratford. It is fantastic in there and it's huge! I was also totally impressed with their car park. They have this green/red light system for parking spaces, so you don't have to waste your time driving up and down the aisle, just look around for a green light and then floor it!

A spot of lunch with the Cheek Family!

Hot chocolate at Costa Coffee. 

Left hook from Elsie, my cousin Liam and D's beautiful baby. Not sure she liked me haha

Now with my cousin Gemma's little boy Ollie and my other cousin clare's children Jake and Abigail.  

Night out with Martine, Lauren and Georgia. 
I think I need to get some sun!