Sunday, 21 July 2013

Carnaval del Sol

The Carnaval del Sol (aka The Latin Carnaval) was about 2 weeks ago (I haven't blogged for a while...)
I started my day off with a colourful and flowery dress, and picked up a coffee from Café Artigiano, my favourite coffee. I sat on on the steps of the Art Galley and pretended I was on the steps in some latin country. 

Canadian food cart. I wish they had a little tape shouting 'Tamaaaales... Oaxqueñossss...' If you have lived in Mexico that part should make sense!

 ¡Viva Mexico!

Traditional Colombia dress. 

Eu sou do Brassssil

We are lucky that there are great people that organize these kinds of events for us! This year was really nice, especially all of the music and dancing. I also watched some of the Zumba, which I love and have taken quite a few classes in the past; however, the Latin Fitness Ztudio in Burnaby had a booth set up and they were giving away tickets to try a class for free. It is a bit far out, I take the sky train to Royal Oak which is one stop past MetroTown. All of the lights are switched off, and 'disco' lights are turned on, so it has a bit of a club feel.... a tacky 90's club actually, but a really good atmosphere and more interesting way of exercising.