Saturday, 25 May 2013

Vancouver International Tequila Expo.

Last night, we went to the Vancouver International Tequila Expo. Jose was given some tickets at work, which was great because it's the kind of event we would never normally go to. 
It was held at the Hyatt Hotel, on Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver.
First off, I was completely absorbed by the white BMW they had sitting by the entrance... rather than enjoying the thought of cruising through downtown, I started to feel quite concerned as to how I would park it in the lot under my building... needless to say it hasn't been and will probably never be an issue!

It would be a tricky parker!
 First, I tried the Don Julio 1942... which I expected to be like a "Oh wow this is what good tequila tastes like" but... it was more "quickly swallow so it doesn't burn so badly". 

Next, oysters from The Joe Forte's table.