Sunday, 26 May 2013

Brunch at the Flying Pig.

Rather than going out for dinner this weekend, we did brunch. We had our minds set on Gastown, and ended up choosing a new place called 'The Flying Pig'. 

I don't entirely get the name... but the location is nice and it is quite a big space. I remember going there about two years ago, when it used to be a Mexican Restaurant. Funnily enough, she sat us in exactly the same table as I did two years before. Also, funnily enough... or I guess not so funny, the restaurant had exactly the same smell. The service was alright, a very chirpy server and a not so chirpy host. 

First off, they served us a piece of banana bread, and free I might add! It was bloody lovely! Harder than traditional 'moist' banana bread... I hate that word, but for want of a better one I´ll go with moist! One couple sat next to us, and she actually refused the banana bread because they were both 'Gluten free' which I could kind of tell from her hairstyle. Apparently I rolled my eyes quite blatantly. 

Under the menu title 'Brekkie' I ordered the salmon benny, and with that a very small cup of coffee. Jose ordered 'Chef Erik’s Croque Madame' which does't really sound like a dish to me, but it was really tasty. 

The website - The Flying Pig