Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sweet Bake Shop.

I read about a new bakery in Yaletown about a week ago and I've had ants in my pants since then to go. It's called the Sweet Bake Shop and they offer cupcakes, cookies, coffee, custom cakes and lots of other cute things. It is a bit girly, but José said his lemon cupcake was really delicious. It sort of reminds of the original Cupcakes store, but a much fresher version. The cupcakes here are also a little smaller, which I think is nice because cupcakes can be so big they make you feel sick. I read on the website that the lady ran this business from her kitchen before opening up this store. She had a love of baking and made a living out of this - I wish I could do something like that. The man at the front said they were applying for patio/alcohol licensing , so cupcakes and champagne! One other thing I liked - they have Stevia!