Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Nero Waffles

Waffles, waffles, waffles...
Okay, a waffle place on Robson street ... Nero Belgian Waffle Bar. It is a tiny place, barely noticeable, except for the line of people waiting for a seat. Now, I really haven't tried enough waffles in my years to really say these are the best... but, they are amazingly good. 
We went on a snuggly Sunday morning and ordered waffles and coffee. 

They have two types, Liege or the Brussels waffle (I think that's the right name). I ordered one of their more simple combinations, Nutella + banana and an Americano.

 I think I possibly closed my eyes the whole time as it was one of those 10 minutes of 'I have to savour every single bit of this'. Having a little dish of chocolate spread is total heaven.

 They have other more elaborate toppings... ice cream, cream, coffee, caramel, fruit... although I personally think the simpler, the better. 

Jose even ordered sneaky seconds to go!

It is a bit of a naughty treat, but you have to be naughty sometimes, right? Sorry... I don't mean to waffle on ... ha ha ha