Friday, 21 June 2013

My hair cut at Space.

This week, I finally reached that moment of "I need to get my hair cut right now, otherwise I might not make it to the weekend." Ladies, I know you know what I mean! 
I generally won't stay with the same hairdresser for too long, I like to try new places. 
Two salons that I have been to in Vancouver and liked are:

Ignite Beauty Lounge - I have been there 2 times, and the stylist 'Sue' really listened to exactly what I wanted... which is not exactly that exciting, but still. 

The Red Room - "Gives the best Blow in Vancouver"... I think their advertising is very eye catching; I had take a double look when I saw this plastered on the side of the building! 

This time though, I needed a change. Jaelyn, my sister's friend, is a hairdresser at a salon called Space on West Broadway. Rachel (my sister) had told me really good things about her snipping skills, so I sent her a message and I made an appointment for Wednesday afternoon. 

Their website doesn't really reflect the salon, but the actual space at Space... is very modern, open and elegant. The cutting area is the middle with lots of glass balls and hairdryers hanging from the ceiling

The hair washing area is dark and cozy. Jaelyn's head massage sent me into a sleepy trance. Another thing I loved are the chairs that they have in front of the wash basins. So often, my head is crooked backwards over a wash basin, and I am constantly trying to maintain pressure on a part of my neck that doesn't feel like it is about to break. At Space, they have flat lounge chairs so you are actually laying rather that sitting up. 

They have a room called 'The Vault'. Jaelyn told me that previously the building was a bank, and it literally was the money vault. Now the vault is a cozy little room where you can sit and read Hello magazine and wait for your hair dye to develop. 

First off, I had a cellophane treatment that kind of enhances the color that you already have without depositing any color, and makes your hair super shiny. She put it on my hair, wrapped my head in cellophane and then I had to sit under the dryer for 20 minutes. I then had a very wonderful hair wash.

Before the cut, Jaelyn asked me exactly what I wanted, but she also gave me advice and suggestions on what she thought needed doing. I sometimes can't describe what I want, but I am good at charades. She explained all of the steps to me, and told me what she was doing and why. I find hairdressing really fascinating to watch. 

By the end, I was 4 inches of hair lighter, I had swooping bangs and the floor was covered in my ex fluffy dry hair. I was thrilled with the cut, and the cellophane treatment slightly darkened my hair, and made it so shiny. The color of my hair now is exactly the color I always asked for but never got. Intense, dark, chocolate brown... not almost black. 

Jaelyn is really professional and knowledgeable, she looked very confident cutting and I love what she did. I totally recommend her and the salon. I paid $70 for the treatment and then got the hair cut for free. Ordinarily, the cut would be $35. At Space, they have three levels of hairdressers and the prices increase at each level.

I love getting my hair cut, especially when you are not pressed for time. An hour and a half of magazines, coffee, chatting and you leave feeling a whole lot better. When you are having a good hair day, everything else  Thank you Jaelyn for cutting my hair, I'll see you next time!

Jaelyn- cuts $35
First picked up the scissors in:
Personal style: Pretty fashion with a bit of an edge.
Area of expertise: Curls, styling, braiding, sexy finishing and colour.
When not in the salon: Spending time with family and friends.